Take 5 (#3)

This week, I’ll wander away a bit from higher ed-specific sites and concentrate on careers.  Here are five links to sites and articles with great career advice and perspectives. Enjoy!

My Nine Careers: Lessons Learned Career coach Marty Nemko shares his meandering career path and some simple lessons he took away from them.

Going Above and Beyond: Distinguishing Yourself as a Job Seeker What can you learn about going the extra mile from buying a laptop at Staples.

Screw Your Career Path, Live Your Story by Jason Seiden is a thought-provoking piece that may help shift your thinking about careers.

The Ladders has a great article about how Volunteering can pay off in your job search.

and for some basic interview advice, slanted toward working in student affairs. . . here’s a post I wrote for the Student Affairs Collaborative Blog last April… “They Wouldn’t Listen to the Fact that I was a Genius: 20 Ways to Blow Your On-Campus Interview.”

If you have good articles or resources worth sharing, e-mail me at sean@higheredcareercoach.com and I may share in a future edition of Take 5.

Thanks for dropping by.

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