Take 5: Getting Off to a Good Start in Your New Job

Congratulations! All the time and energy you spent, and all the venting sessions your friends and family have endured are behind you. You have finally landed that new job! Your first order of business: Take a week to decompress from the job search and to check items off your personal to-do list so that you can begin your new job with a clear mind!

Then, Get to Work!

When you’re a new employee, there’s a lot to take in:

  • Campus culture,
  • Learning names and faces,
  • Figuring out where various offices are on campus,
  • Exploring your role in your department and your specific duties (assigned and otherwise), and
  • Determining what your supervisor expects from you in the first month or two.

It can be overwhelming at first, especially while coming down from the high of landing the job in the first place. Don’t forget that your interview hasn’t ended; have your elevator speech still at the front of your mind in the beginning, as you will most likely use it again when you continue to meet new people around campus.

Check out the links below to ensure you have a smooth transition into your new role and start off on the right foot.

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Take 5 is a regular feature where we present links to some good articles and resources on job search topics. If you have ideas for future topics, send them to Melissa Judy, Content Development Intern at melissa@higheredcareercoach.com.


  1. Thanks for the mention of See Debt Run, Melissa.
    You have some awesome links there for folks starting out in a new job!


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