Take 5: Creating the Perfect Resume

When it comes to landing the job of your dreams, you need to ensure your resume is up to par. Don’t just throw together information on a piece of paper, but work to incorporate pertinent information that applies to the job you’re seeking.

Some of the top tips for creating the perfect resume are outlined below:

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Create Content that Showcases Your Abilities – Beyond the design, you need to ensure you have content that sells your abilities and skills. The information provided within your resume will help determine how many interviews you are going to receive, as well as the salary compensation you will earn on the job.

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Use Action Words - Using action words helps your resume to stand out among all of the other applicants. Don’t use the same verbs on a continual basis; make sure to switch up the verbs you use. If your computer goes through an electronic scanning, the action words help the computer to recognize your resume and pick it out of the crowd. Some companies are using computers to pull only those resumes that have certain words incorporated into them, which is why it is imperative to utilize the correct words in the document.

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Proofread Your Resume Twice - Many people fail to realize the importance of proofreading. All it takes is one simple typo and your chances of landing that dream job are down the drain. Even though you may think you only need to proofread your document once, you need to do it at least two or more times.

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Include All Pertinent Contact Information - When compiling your resume, it is imperative that you include all contact information for a potential employer. Be sure to list your name, full address, home phone number, cell phone number and your email address. Leaving out pertinent contact information could mean the loss of a great working opportunity.

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Presentation – Ensure your resume is presentable. You will want the document to be clean and free of errors. There is no room for any grammatical or spelling errors. Always have someone else look at your resume before submitting it to someone else. A fresh set of eyes may be just what you need to catch any little errors that could be costly in the end.

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