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You may or may not know this, but I have a free mailing list. It’s been a while since I spent any time promoting it, so I thought I’d freshen it up a bit and see how I can do a better job with it. Please read on to discover what I have in store for list members as I re-launch my list, including a free e-book!

Let’s start with the obvious: why join the mailing list? Don’t I give plenty enough advice on the blog? What are the features? What are the benefits? I’m glad you asked!

The Features:

  • Receive broadcasts of articles posted to the blog in your inbox.
  • Get special list-only articles, content, discounts, and offers.
  • HTML and Text Versions Available.
  • Double opt-in sign-up and easy unsubscribe options ensure you only receive messages you’ve consented to already.

The Benefits:

  • Never miss a new post! Get each update delivered right to your inbox.
  • Receive special list-member-only discounts on coaching packages and resume/LinkedIn writing services.
  • Receive periodic special offers from selected partners. (Fear not! I do not share your contact information with anyone. The offer comes from me, on behalf of any partner, and if you are interested in taking advantage of any offer, you must opt yourself in, by visiting the partner’s or program’s website.)
  • You will be among the first to receive notification of new coaching programs, events and services, before they are available to the general public.
  • I’ll periodically send you bonuses (e-books, infographics, career planning worksheets), starting with 3 great sign-up giveaways: a great free e-book from my friend Marc Kronish at JobLaunchCoach.Com, and two infographics. 7 Points to a Winning Resume, based on my e-book of the same name from last year, outlines some things you should think about when writing your resume. Why Educators Need to “Get” LinkedIn explores some myths about the popular professional network, and some perspectives on how to get the most out of using LinkedIn.

The Fine Print:

  • To get on the list, and receive the bonuses, you have to sign up using one of the forms on this site.
  • Once you submit your information on the sign-up form, you will need to check your e-mail and click on a link in that e-mail to complete your registration. This double opt-in method insures that you really want to receive e-mails from me, and helps me comply with e-mail anti-SPAM standards.
  • In addition to blog updates, you will periodically receive information about my products and services, and from time to time, I may send you information about programs and services from select marketing partners. You are under no obligation to buy anything or participate in any program, and I will never share your contact information. There will always be a sign-up method completely within your control, and you will need to act to be signed up for anything. So feel free to ignore any commercial messages that do not interest you.
  • I will not send out information for products and services I do not use or would not personally use. I also promise to disclose any benefits I receive from marketing partners. In some cases, I may be an affiliate partner. This means that if you buy from my referral, I get paid a percentage of the sale. (You pay the same thing you would if you buy directly from the partner, but they thank me for telling you about their stuff. It’s a common practice among businesses marketing their services over the internet, and  pays better than selling direct ads for the same products. But I assure you that I will not shill for anything I do not believe in. I just don’t need the money that bad.) So please be aware that anytime I tell you about someone else’s stuff, I probably am making something off the deal. If not, I will tell you. If you see an Amazon.Com product link, it will definitely be an affiliate link. Why not make something off of telling people about books and products I’ve enjoyed? You can actually do that, too. Amazon is easy like that. If you are interested in the Amazon Affiliate program, go here.

So that is about all I can think of right now, other than to say this: I’d really like you to join my list!

Get the Free e-Book and 2 additional bonuses!

It’s a great way for you to stay connected with me, and for me to stay connected with you. I do my best to reply to emails from my list members. They often result in new story ideas, and in some cases, I give free advice.

So don’t wait, sign up today, using the form below. Soon after, you will start receiving blog updates and your three sign-up bonuses will come soon after. The first one, the free e-book “10 Minute Job Search Sucess”  will come in the next day, and the other two will be delivered in order, with two days in between bonus e-mails (to give you time to read one before you get the next.

Thanks for reading. Over the next week or so, we’re returning to our regular blog topics, with some articles about resume writing and social networking during your job search. Please e-mail me if you have ideas about topics you would like to see covered on Higher Ed Career Coach.

P.S. If you are already a member of my list, you should be receiving e-mails soon about the bonuses. If you do not, let me know and I will make sure you get them. And thanks for already being a member of the list!


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